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Happy ST PATRICK'S DAY (MARCH 17) from the MARCH 2001 edition of the FOR ALL CASSIDY FANS web-site. Isn't this year just flying by? I'm still looking for constructive ideas on how we can improve this site, so if you have anything to offer, please feel free to join in. You may have noticed the addition of a new Chat room to this site. It is open 24/7, so feel free to gather your friends & jump in! We also have now added separate message boards for David & Shaun. I hope you'll use them. For those of you who have been searching for a separate board for the Cassidy brothers, this might be the place!

DAVID'S confirmed dates for the 2001 have been posted, & are available through his Newspage. There is also an update on the Buddah releases & a new Arista CD available. Buddha has cancelled the releases, & a release mad him sound like the villian of the contract despute. David's answer to this controversy has been reprinted on his newspage.

New episodes of COVER ME will return to USA Cable. The debut is now scheduled for Jan 7. Shirley's 2-parter is set for Jan 14 & 21. Unfortunately, news has just come in that the show will not be renewed. Check out Shaun's take on the news on his news page.

On April 15, we will announce the first items for bid for the 2001 LEUKEMIA AUCTION FUND-RAISER. So far, all we have are items for DAVID Fans, but we would like anything that SHAUN, PATRICK, or SHIRLEY fans would enjoy. So, while you're thinking of putting things up for sale on Ebay, won't you consider donating them to us, to raise money for a worthy charity? Please think about it! Thanks to all of you for your support!

In December, I was interviewed for about an hour for our local newpaper on Fan Clubs. The article appeared on Jan 15, & you can read it Here. No photos of me were included, but a photo of David from the Blood Bors era was shown.

Michele Montour has gotten her RYAN CASSIDY.COM website up & running! Congratulations, Michele! The link has been changed accordingly on that page. Michele (with help from code and custom graphics designer Nancy) now has the JACK CASSIDY TRIBUTE web-site, developed. New pages are still being added, so check it out!

The MARCH newsletter will come out around the 15th of this month. DAVID & SUE will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary, & will be our Cover Couple. All Birthday wishes for SHIRLEY & MARTY are being collected for this edition of the newsletter. If you'd like to contribute, just email them to me before the 15th.

Please check out our new photo Gallery: COPA JUNE 2000I hope you will share any stories & photos of David's up-coming concerts, if you go. If you take photos from any of his up-coming Harrah's tour dates, please share them with us.

Thanks to the C'MON GET HAPPY website, we have learned that BUDDAH RECORDS, the budget lable connected to ARISTA, will No Longer be releasing SHOPPING BAG & PARTRIDGE FAMILY'S NOTEBOOK, as well as DAVID'S SOLO effort, ROCK ME BABY, (or any of the other planned releases). due to a contractural despute with David.We do not know DAVID's side of the issue, but if a spokesperson would like to communicate with us, we would lobe to hear their side. ARISTA records is releasing THE PF DEFINITIVE COLLECTION in Austrailia, with 5 additional tracks at the end of next month. The Buddah releases will be available at CDNOW, CHERISH was released OCT 24, & is also available there.

A & E Cable's 2-hour Biography Segment on SHIRLEY, aired July 16. Watch for reruns. A&E also sells videos of the Biography segmets, so check the A & E website for further updates & for re-runs. I just built a PHOTO GALLERY of shots from the special. You can check it out at Photos from A & E Biography.

PATRICK is on B'way, starring in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN until the 27th of this month. We are waiting to hear on his further plans. Read all about it in his news page! Keep checking their news pages for any news that pops up between newsletters. Also, please join the club! We always welcome new members.

By now, you've probably heard that David & AT THE COPA will part company on Jan 21. David will fufill the remainder of his 2-year contract with the Rio/Harrah's group by appearing in concert at selected Harrah's hotels around the country. I hope to be able to see at least one, as they are opening one near San Diego, although there are also Harrah's in Reno, Laughlin, Lake Tahoe & (of course) Vegas, which are possibilities. I've contacted Harrahs regarding the club, & hope to receive press material from them in regards to the tour. Also in the offing is a new 2-CD set with a "major recording company," & a low-budget feature film, so 2001 looks promising!

I hope all of you will continue to post on our Bulletin Board & Guestbook. However, anyone discovered trashing the Cassidys, their supporters or each other on our board will be deleted. There will be no anonymous posts either. If you feel free enough to trash each other or this site, you should feel free enough to identify yourselves. I'd like to make this site fun for you, so keep me posted on what you like & don't like. I know I'm not the best webmistress in the world, but I am doing my best. If you don't like it, no one will miss you if you don't return. I do miss Michele's work, but she has her own life & I appreciate her privacy.

Take care & I'll see you next month! CHERYL



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