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(Photo courtesy of STAR 98.7 WEBSITE PHOTO GALLERY)


On August 2, 2000, Shaun appeared on the Drive Home with Ryan Seacrest & Lisa radio show Star He was on for at least an hour, in the midst of recorded music & commercials. Here is the transcript of the radio interview:

SHAUN: Hello guys! How are you?

RYAN: I want to tell you guys something, by the way. If you're listening in the car right now, during that song by Bon Jovi, Lisa said to Shaun-- Mark, what did Lisa say to Shaun?

LISA: I'll repeat it-- I'm not embarrassed.

MARK: About the music?

RYAN: Yeah.

MARK: Is it ok if we play your music?

LISA: I want to be sure I"m not embarrassing Shaun. Because Shaun doesn't do that any more and I don't know that he still likes to reminince in the days of DA DOO RON RON.

SHAUN: Are you kidding?

RYAN: I understand that. What you don't realize, Shaun, is she not only played it but sang it yesterday.

SHAUN: Love to hear it!

RYAN: We'd like to see her perform it for you right now, Mr Cassidy.

LISA: NO NO NO-- You know, the funny thing is, you never forget your--

SHAUN: (interrupting)HEY HEY HEY-- get off that table!

LISA: (continuing) All your favorite songs. You never forget them. I know all the words to all your songs.

RYAN: Just sing it for him, Lisa-- you did it yesterday for us. You're still going to do it.

LISA: So embarrassing in front of Shaun. (Da Doo Ron Ron starts)

RYAN: Here comes the Post. Ladies and Gentlemen- Lisa Fox!

{Lisa Sings first verse of song; Ryan joins in on Chorus)

RYAN: Lets play HEY DEANIE. What cut is it?

LISA: Three??

RYAN: You don't know the cut number?

LISA: Cause I made the CD.

RYAN: {Mimicing Lisa} 'I pressed it myself'. (HEY DEANIE starts) We're going to sing this too.

LISA: Shaun's here to talk about Cover Me and how it's moved from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights.

SHAUN: NO NO NO--I'm trying to sell these Greatest Hits CDs Packages. They're going to fly off the shelves after this.

RYAN: One line from "Hey Deanie. Are you ready? (LISA SINGS I was a fool, for your love the moment I saw you".)

RYAN: It's in her car right now. Anyway, Mr Cassidy, she mentioned Cover Me is on USA.

SHAUN: You have that record with you?

RYAN: I sing that one by myself.

SHAUN: I see.

RYAN: It's moving right? We were on what? Sundays to Wednesday or Wednesday to Sunday?

SHAUN: Ah yes. For those of you who aren't in the know, I write and produce this show called Cover Me which is on USA--

LISA: Excellent show.

SHAUN: and we were ah on Sunday at 8. Now we're on Wednesday at 9, so if you're by your television, turn it on.

LISA: Which is really better for me, so I want to thank you for doing that.

SHAUN: Well, if not for you, who?

RYAN: And all the USA corporation, they have moved it for you.

LISA: Cause Sunday nights are really hard. I can't even get home to watch HBO "Sex In The City", haven't been home on a Sunday night to watch television in weeks or months.

SHAUN: There's a lot of traffic there. Wednesday is a little better.

LISA: Wednesday is perfect.

RYAN: This show is based on reality-- how so?

SHAUN: Well, it's based on my own invented reality.

RYAN: Is it not based on a family?

SHAUN: No, it is actually based on a man named Ken Brown, who was an undercover operative for the FBI and the DEA and the DOJ, and he actually utilized his family in some of his cases. That said, we kind of took that as a dramatic point to leap off of. We fictionalized a lot of it.

RYAN: So, you have a situation business-wise that is what?? A development deal and a production deal at USA?

SHAUN: Yeah, I have a deal at Universal that was bought by USA and is now called Studios USA, and my job is to create and write television shows.

LISA: So we're going to see more shows from Shaun in the future?

SHAUN: In theroy, yes. (Lisa Cheers)

RYAN: Do you have any more ideas yet or are you pressured?

SHAUN: No, run right out. And I still got 2 1/2 years on the deal, so they're going to be very unhappy with me.

LISA: Shut up!

RYAN: Do you still get paid, even if you don't have an idea?

SHAUN: In theroy, yeah.

RYAN: That's a great gig.

LISA: Great lawyer!

RYAN: How do you grow up to be that guy?

SHAUN: Well, you make a couple of those records and--

LISA: Do you get any money from the old records? No?

SHAUN: ahhh--

LISA: Cause back then, they were really big and baaad records!

SHAUN: Mike Curb, are you listening?

LISA: Curb Records.

RYAN: They just got money right there.

SHAUN: I don't see too much money from those records--no- but I'm NOT BITTER (overlapping speakers)

LISA: They should re-release those records-- just an idea.

RYAN: Hi Cheryl!

CHERYL (Caller): Hi!

RYAN: You're with Shaun Cassidy.

CHERYL: Hi Shaun!

SHAUN: Would this be Cheryl (pause) Corwin?

CHERYL: Right.

SHAUN: How are ya?

CHERYL: Fine. (overlapping speakers) Long time no hear--

SHAUN: I know all my fans by name. (laugh) No, I just happen to know Cheryl. Cheryl's run a fan letter for our family for a number of years and does a great job. How are you?

CHERYL: Fine. I was wondering why you decided to change the location of the show from San Diego to Salt Lake City?

SHAUN: That's a very good question. We--

RYAN: Cover Me?

SHAUN: Yes- Cover Me

LISA: Where the show shoots?

SHAUN: The show was shooting in San Diego. We did the first 11 shows there. This is a family-- the Real Family-- actually moved 28 times in one year, so we don't need to fictionalize too much about that. It actually serves our show to keep it as a road show, and Salt Lake City has a lot of diversity, and we have an episode coming up in a few weeks that is actually the transiton episode. And its a Great one!

LISA: I don't know how they keep up with all those lies, starting over. Is the FBI there, do they cover their tracks every single time they show up? Do they say, oh yeah. They make up new names, new stories.

SHAUN: The truth is this guy is a case-- an undercover operative, which is kind of an arms-length guy. He wasn't a traditional FBI agent, and the FBI doesn't operate the way this guy did. Ah- and their challenge was actually trying to keep the kids names straight and what schools they were going to and oh- you made this friend here, but you made that friend there. And they had a bunch of phones in their house where they would be Italian or Jewish or whatever. And they would have to live all these lives simultaniously-- so it was pretty incredible.

RYAN: Very interesting. Have you done a lot of research yourself with the FBI?

SHAUN: Yeah, not with the FBI, but with the surviving family members. They are consultants on the show and they've been incredibily helpful. And, yes, we do have a guy from the FBI for all that sort of stuff but--

RYAN: As a consultant?

SHAUN: Yeah, yeah.

RYAN: Now that's the gig. If you're an FBI agent, that's the gig to get. You're in the FBI, but you're an consultant-- to HOLLYWOOD--

LISA: For a TV show!

RYAN: Shaun Cassidy-- Star 98. (commercial break)It's 4:52 Ryan Seacrest, Lisa Fox and Shaun Cassidy. Are Shaun Cassidy's sleeves rolled up?

SHAUN: Nooooo

RYAN: They're short.

LISA: They're short and showing of---

RYAN: That's a fitted T!

LISA: He's showing off his manly arms!

RYAN: I love it-- Cassidy in a fitted T for the ride!

LISA: Ryan, I want to tell you something great about the show, Cover Me. OK, besides for the fact that it is a wonderful show--

RYAN: Tonight at 9 on USA.

LISA: Executive Producer-- Shaun Cassidy. (Ryan laughs) The great thing about the show is the fact that yeah, its based on real-life stories of this FBI family, but the great thing is that as much as this family gets involved in these really scary stories, it's really about the Family and how there's-- I'll give you an example

SHAUN: Is it about the family?

RYAN: I think it's about Shaun flying in and saving them.

LISA: It's about how the family stays a family and all this drama.

SHAUN: It actually has a pretty dark and funny twisted sensibility to it. It's not a traditional family show by any stretch of the imagination.

LISA: Maybe not, but you can feel the bond between the family members. And I'll give you an example. When the dad is tempted to pull off a-- he has to seduce a woman and he's really tempted to cross that line to seduce this woman. That means he--

RYAN: He has to do it for work.

SHAUN: Well, its all a part of the job. (overlapping speakers)

LISA: For work he's supposed to so he comes so close basiclly.

RYAN: Sleeping with her.

LISA: Cheating on his wife, and he finds a way and it is so hard. He has to do it for this case but he doesn't--

RYAN: OH WOW- He doesn't cross the line.

LISA: He finds a way--

SHAUN: Just like Touched By An Angel.

LISA: He was right there and he wanted to so bad, cause that woman was really beautiful--

RYAN: Did he kiss her?

LISA: Yeah-

RYAN: He cheated.

LISA: Yeah, he was so close.

RYAN: That's cheating Shaun.

LISA: He didn't sleep with her.

RYAN: You kiss another woman--

LISA: He did it for WORK--

RYAN: You cheat on your wife.

SHAUN: I'm with you Baby.


LISA: It was for work--

RYAN: Lisa, you can't make out with people for work!

LISA: Well, watch the show. They pulled it off.

RYAN: I work in Radio-- I'm going to cheat on my wife: "Honey, it was for work- I needed a story for the show."

LISA: I'm just saying--

RYAN: Hey I got a couple of questions for you quickly, and then we'll come back with your calls. Little Rapid Fire here. Shaun, was a teen-idol-- who was your teen idol, Shaun? Or Was your teen idol, cause you're not 18 anymore.

SHAUN: Julie Newmar!

RYAN: Ahh Julie Newmar!

LISA: Oh gorgeous. She is still very beautiful still.

RYAN: First kiss- when and who?

SHAUN: Oh man-- the babysitter. I was 4.

RYAN: Do you have any comfort food-something you love to snack on?

SHAUN: OHH- OHH man, I don't know.

RYAN: IN & OUT? Twinkees? Ding Dongs?

SHAUN: I like Indian food.

RYAN: Really?

SHAUN: It's so easy, it's not a snack.

RYAN: That's a snack? 'I'm running to 7-11." How 'bout CDs in your car? What do you listen to?

SHAUN: Ben Hooper- I've been listening to.

RYAN: Steal eyed kisses-- can you "beat box?"

SHAUN: Ahh- noo.

RYAN: That's what he does.

SHAUN: Yeah, really?

RYAN: Yeah, he beat-boxes. You didn't know that? You have the CD.

SHAUN: I knew that was the sound I heard-- I didn't know he--

RYAN: Well, there you are Shaun Cassidy, those lips.

LISA: How about this-- we said 'hey Shaun, you have the Ben Harper CD' and Shaun said what??

SHAUN: Yeah- my daughter turned me onto it.


RYAN: That tells us your age.

SHAUN: Yeah yeah

RYAN: 800-STAR 987 to talk to Shaun Cassidy. (break)We're talking about the TV series, Cover Me on -- is it USA?

SHAUN: I believe so- US-

RYAN: And you need to check with your publicist to make sure you get it right!

LISA: It's now on wednesday nights at 9 o'clock.

SHAUN: Which is tonight.

RYAN: Tonight at 9. We failed everywhere- at least we've got L.A..

RYAN: But we're not going to see you anywhere on the show.

SHAUN: You'll see my name on the show a couple of times.

RYAN: You're the brains behind it.

SHAUN: And my logo with me waving.

LISA: Actually, yeah, when Shaun's name comes on, I cheer.

RYAN: There's a lot of things you do by yourself in your apartment. Della, you're on the air with Shaun Cassidy.

DELLA (Caller): Great!

SHAUN: Hi Della! How are you?

DELLA: Good- yet I wanted to let you know I have has fun fun fun afternoon thinking about you. (laughter)

RYAN: Stop it right there-- Cover Me!

SHAUN: Cover Me Della-- wish she would!

DELLA: I grew up in Columbia, and as a teenager, my sister used to have a life-sized poster of Shaun Cassidy behind the door in our bedroom.

LISA: Who didn't?

DELLA: And it was really scary for me. And I could never get into my pajamas looking at him, cause I thought he was looking at me.

RYAN: Did she say pajamas, cause it sounded like something else didn't it?

LISA: So Shaun was your scary monster when you were a kid.

DELLA: So I told my sister about it and she moved the poster in the bathroom. It was even worse.

LISA: So when you got ready in the bathroom, there was Shaun.

DELLA: It was terrible, so anyway, I just wanted to let you know.

RYAN: What's happening Mark? Shaun and I are confused.

SHAUN: i guess we're closer than I knew.

DELLA: Yeah.

RYAN: Thanks for the call.

DELLA: Bye, bye.

SHAUN: Bye bye.

RYAN: Is that your life when you're out and about? Is your life people coming up to you and saying "Oh my God, I have your lunchbox. I have your poster over my toilet. You are in my life."

" (laughter)

LISA: Pillowcase!

RYAN: That's a goal for some people- like that's what I want. I want pants with my face on them, or my face on somebody's pants.

SHAUN: Yeah I find it kind of amusing and its fun and it's--

LISA: Well, it's just that you never think that that's a real person. All these years that you loved that person, you never thought of them as actual guy that--

SHAUN: Well, it's a great cycle. So often it's real hard to get.

RYAN: Well, don't you think that people or some people picture you the way you they pictured you 15 years ago- 20 years ago?

SHAUN: I suspect they do, especially if they still hanging onto that poster in their bathroom.

LISA: Yeah- where's the feathered hair-- yeah, bring it on!

RYAN: You look good. You're clean-cut. I should tell everbody that, cause you want to be incognito as a clean-cut guy.

LISA: Yeah- good thing you dyed your hair red Shaun!

RYAN: Yeah and I love those glasses-- actually he does have glasses. Colored glasses, so when you see him leave 3500 West Olive, you'll know that's Shaun Cassidy.

LISA: Ohh, Ryan!

RYAN: In the blue glasses- and don't forget its tonight on USA at 9pm. Cover Me-- executive producer Shaun Cassidy, and on line--

LISA: Yes, the mom from the show, she's Meloria Hardin-- she'll be at tonight from 5-6. Whoo!

RYAN: Nice to see you buddy!

End of Transcript (whew!)