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SUE   CHATTED   WITH   FANS   JAN   31,   2001

Jan. 31, 2001: Sue Shifrin-Cassidy Accomplished songwriter, founder of and the wife of entertainer David Cassidy talked about her latest charity auction and more. is an Internet-based organization that is an umbrella group for many children's charities. The auction features boxes of chocolates that have been contributed by Ethel M Chocolates and signed by various celebrities, including Paul Newman, Cher, David Cassidy, The Duchess of York, Tony Curtis, Reggie Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, Geena Davis, Sisqo, Dyan Cannon, Sheena Easton, Rick Springfield and many more. Find out how you can help!

chat_host_erin : Hello everyone!

chat_host_erin : Welcome to our chat with Sue Shifrin-Cassidy!

chat_host_erin : We're happy you could all join us tonight

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Thanks for coming! Hi everybody!

edbertram {ask} Sue, were you a fan of the Partridge Family in the '70s?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Actually I didn't even know what it was

lynng66 {ask} Great idea about the autographed Valentine hearts Sue! What other upcoming items do you have planned to auction for your charity?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Thank you -- I am very appreciative that you like the idea -- we are trying to come up with unique ways to raise money to help kids and we have a few ideas for upcoming holidays such as Mother's day and Father's day but I would like to wait until we are a little closer to those dates to surprise you.

debbiewc {ask} Sue, I had a preemie baby in June and learned about the NICU quickly!!! Does your charity donate money to the local hospital in Vegas to the NICU units?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : No, not at the present time -- we are very new and we are taking baby steps but maybe one of these days we will be able to give money to that program.

edbertram {ask} Do you write songs for David?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I have written two albums with David -- actually, 3 albums -- and wrote one of the songs for EFX when he was in that show and the scene that ran in At the Copa -- the show that just closed and there is a possibility that I will write with him and for him in the future but right now is a full-time job.

charl {ask} will you be doing any duets with David on his new cd?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Sorry - the answer is no -- no time.

janeincassidyland {ask} What do you find to be the biggest ongoing hurdle in promoting a non-profit organization such as

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : The most difficult aspect is finding corporate sponsors who are willing to underwrite the operating costs so that we can give 100% of the money to the children who we want to assist. There are many aspects that are very hard to do because there are so many worthy causes and the struggle is to find a way -- like a flower that is under the branch of a tree to find the light and sprout and have a life -- the money is so hard to come by -- we are forced to become more and more creative to find ways to stand out -- it is a constant challenge.

annincassidyland {ask} Hi Sue! First, I would just like to tell you that I commend you on your extraordinary work for children's charities! As a mother of three children, I truly appreciate your efforts. How do you keep a balance between your charity work, your support of David's career, and motherhood?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : That is a very good question and it is one that I constantly think about during my day, and it is almost like I have one of those hat-stands and I have to keep putting on different hats -- I am always concered about time because in an effort to help other people, I don't want to neglect the people that are closest to me and thanks to the wonderful support that I have in the people that are employed by -- Marcy and Pamela -- I have been able to spend more time with my husband and my son and I feel a lot happier and better -- it has made it easier for all of us and I want to thank wells fargo foundation for providing the support to make that possible.

jck1224 {ask} I'm glad you are auctioning a towel of David's LOL. Some DC fans and I were just talking about that. Fans will buy crazy things, believe me! Any other silly, personal things to come in auction?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : if I have any way of sneaking into his closet -- which I have been doing frequently -- you bet there is!

bethlanoue : that reminds me of the episode where Danny cuts Keith's hair & sells it!

annincassidyland {ask} Can you tell us about your collaboration with Dyan Cannon?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Wow! I am surprised to get that question -- I didn't know that many people knew about that. She is a dear friend, an incredible talent and so much fun to work with and we have been writing a play for the last 7 years and it has wonderful music that we have written along with another tremendous talent by the name of Susan Pomeranz, and we are trying to find a way to put together a little CD or something of the songs because Dyan is doing her new TV show -- Three Sisters -- hopefully the show will be running a long time although she probably wouldn't be able to appear in this show that never got finished.

daisyleesmom {ask} Sue-can you tell us how your Kidscharities idea began and also how you and David became so good at working with special needs kids like in Special Olympics?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : began with a fund-raiser for war child usa when the kosovo war was happening. I went to look at my little boy, i saw him asleep in bed, and realized that there were families that had been thrust from their homes and were roaming the forrest and just by an accident of birth, I was here with my son safe in bed and those families were out in the cold with nothing with their lives being threatened, so, as my background is as a songwriter and so is David's, we decided to donate a song to an organization that was helping families in kosovo and that was War Child usa -- they were providing backpacks and bread trucks. at the time, I was doing EAT'M and there was a mobile recording studio coming from Las Vegas from NY and that bus was able to record voices on a track that David and I did and at the end -- we had 80,000 people around the country on the track. we got a lot of celebrities to sing on it including Rosie O'Donnell, Martin Sheen and a slew of others. find out about it and offered a very, very large sponsorship to promote "message to the world" and when I got that from them

charl : anybody download that song?

fotcprez : I did

bethlanoue : me 2

charl : it's great, isn't it.

terri-1 : yes you can get it on napster to

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I realized that once this small fund-raiser was over that we had been given a great gift and we had to do something to keep this going and that is when came about, and since then it has developed a life and has grown and the seed has become a tree. The tree is our symbol -- we benefit all areas of human need and because we started it on the internet, that has become the soil, and we are finding that the internet has global reach and can help local charities as well as around the world and we are inventing every day wheat we are able to do with it. It is kinda like a hologram -- there are so many aspects to it and it began with a song and now it is kinda like a symphony -- there are so many parts to it. it has developed into the first world-wide web site benefitting the children of the world where you can play games, send greeting cards, go shopping. Kids can get help with their homework and you can take pictures in outerspace and it is all there for everybody to use. We raise money by auctions and scavenger hunts.

jo-ann {ask} What made you come up with the idea of Kids Charities and how does David support you in this?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : David has always been involved and had a special place in his heart for Special Olympics. He was the junior chair of special olympics international in the 70ís when we moved to Las Vegas, we found that Nevada was the only state that did not have athletes in the games, so we did a fund-raiser -- a golf tournament -- and he was invited to be honorary chairman.

keithsbabe {ask} What can we do as fans of you/your hubby to help out with your charity? Besides spreading the word of your auctions via message boards is there anything fans without "deep pockets" can do to help??

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Yes, but the big part of it is to actually help us spread the word -- tell a friend. We try to have items in our auctions that are $5 as well as the big ticket items such as the geena davis walk-on part, but if you want to make a donation of anything -- even $1 -- it is greatly appreciated

terri-1 {ask} what is David doing tonight?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : David is doing something that he has wanted to do for a long, long time -- he is taking our son to a basketball practice

jck1224 : awwwwww

fotcprez : awwwwww'

sue/canada : yeah for David

terri-1 : cool lucyw : awwwwwwww thats nice

chapkisinlv : go david!

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : And that is why he wanted to take a break from his show at the Rio -- he wanted to spend some time with us. So now, i am working and he is being a full-time dad.

terri-1 : very cool

fotcprez : great

sue/canada : Mr. Mom

barrel : only a real man can do that

janis {ask} How can you manage to be so patient and tolerant of David's fans, including me? ann12245 {ask} I love the candy idea for your auction, can you tell us how it came about?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : It's like everything else that has happened with, the answer is that I don't know where it comes from,: but the ideas just come and I just got the idea -- wouldn't it be nice to send boxes of candy? -- and I called Ethel M chocolates and asked them if they would be willing to donate and they offered 50 boxes of these valentine boxes and I was staggered by the number of celebrities who wanted to sign them -- it has been a flood of support -- and we have had celebrities such as Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson, Cher, the Duchess of York -- we've had so many people -- Joe Torre, Reggie Jackson, Courtney Cox -- so many incredible celebrities that even I am blown away by it -- I can't even believe I thought of it -- but i didn't, it just came through me, not from me.

lynng66 {ask} Do you see a time when you may perform with David live again?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Not in the near future

janeincassidyland {ask} besides David, what musicians have you particularly enjoyed writing with/for over the years?Besides David, what musicians have you particluarly enjoyed working with over the years?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Wow -- I have worked with so many great people -- Terri Britton who wrote What's Love Got to do With It was one of the greatest collaborations that I have ever had -- Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Barry Mann and David has been actually a dream to work with but I have been very blessed to work with some of the greatest writers and artists in the world and they have all been fun.

heart33 {ask} I know that your charity is mainly online, but do you also promote your charity to the people who do not have the internet?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Obviously you are on the internet -- lol -- however, that is very good question. We do live events around the country and soon to be around the world. We are beginning to do them on an annual basis -- in August we will be doing the second Annual Day at the Races at the Saratoga race track, and we will be the beneficiary of the Oklahoma City charity ball sometime later in the year and we are the beneficiary of the internet world fall expo in NY -- we also do parties and special events where we sell raffle tickets and silent auctions and all kinds of fun things to do for families. The first event that we did was in Las Vegas at the Rio and it was called the "Totally Groovy 70s Polyester Ball", and we may do another one of those. We are also talking about doing a bikers ball where you could drive your bike to the table and have your dinner while sitting on the bike and we are talking about some smaller events that would coincide with different holidays. If you have any great ideas for us, we are all ears. By the way, we have even been approached by a student from Columbine High School about doing an event there. They are anxious to give back to children because of all the love and support they have received from outside their community.

aerosmith {ask} are you behind the concerts currently being set up by Harrah's?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : When you say behind, I assume you mean do I support them and the answer is yes, I am very happy about David's new venture with Harrah's -- he has worked 6 nights week for the last 8 years and this is the first time that we have been able to spend new year's eve together sitting next to each other and we are thrilled because we are going to be able to spend much more time together as a family and he will still be able to go out and perform in a way that is healthy for him.

smarti {ask} Sue- Are you planning another day at the races in Saratoga, NY?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Yes -- it will be in August.

bnda99 {ask} Sue, at the 70's ball you appeared wearing one of David's costumes that he wore in England in the 70's when you first met. What was David's reaction when he saw you in it?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : He couldn't believe it! He was really, truly in shock when he saw me in that thing and I couldn't believe that I could fit in it.

keithsbabe : it looked awesome on her too

jck1224 : yeah.

boeffie : sure did

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Because I was so busy setting everything up, I didn't have the chance to go buy anything: and I remembered that we had things in storage and I found the jumpsuit and I put it on and it fit and I had my costume!

heart33 : David really needs to clean out his closets

sue/canada : LOL

hardygirl : LOL

chapkisinlv {ask} will you leave vegas now at the copa has ended?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Certainly not in the near future. We are pretty ensonced here and the roots of the charity are here so, in the foreseeable future, we are not going anywhere

lucyw {ask} I just wanted to say "THANK YOU SUE" for bringing David back to his fans cause without you he wouldnt be here....and we know that!!! You are very nice to us and we appreciate it!!!

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Ahh -- that is very nice -- thank you!

judi {ask} are you going to have any pledge drives like the ones St. Jude's hospital does?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I don't know -- not at this point of time -- we have found our niche doing something a little different and we don't have the resources to do a pledge drive -- it is very cost effective to use the information -- and as long as we can get the items donated, it is a very viable way to raise money for our charities.

chat_host_erin : Sue, tell us about the charities you help through your organization.

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Yes -- we benefit multiple childrens charities including the city of hope that does research for heart and cancer and is the world's leading researcher on tourettes -- the juvenile diabetes foundation -- Special Olympics nevada -- chances for children which is the Duchess of York's charity. She deals with individual children's needs such as one of the children that was in the bombing in Oklahoma City. the child can never attend school again and can't be around other children because the follicles in his lungs were burnt and he will need care all of his life and she has pledged to do that. Locally we have also benefitted interfaith hospitality network which has provided homes for the homeless, and Planet Home -- which is Kelly and Sharon Stones's charity the Emerging Artist fund here in Las Vegas and Reggie Jackson's Mr. October Foundation for kids which provides computer learning for inner-city kids. We also benefit future trust which used to War Child USA and the other charity is Wheels for Humanity -- an organization that refurbishes wheelchairs for children who have been victims of land mines

lynng66 {ask} Has Beau shown an interest in singing or performing as a career goal?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : He is soo talented -- he has such a great voice and we are doing everything we can to keep him away from show business.

jck1224 : LOL

judi : lol

boeffie : LOL

bethlanoue : smart mom!

shannon : good call

tmurton {ask} I read an article about the family ring being stolen - has it been recovered?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : No, it has not and David is considering offering a reward for the ring

johnnyflamingo {ask} What was your first single, 1971's "To Love," written about?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Well, I didn't write it -- it was written Carole King and you would have to ask her that question

annincassidyland {ask} Out of curiosity, which item in any of your charity auctions has brought the highest bid?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I can answer that by telling you the highest bid was paid for a walkon part in Shaun's series "Cover Me". The bid was $10,010 and it was for a three-year-old to have a walk on. Oops -- there is something that went higher -- it was a time-share in the polo towers and that was $13,000. it was a forever time share

judi {ask} well I for one think it is absolutely amazing what you have been able to do in such a short period of time

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Thank you -- so do I. And again, I can only say it's not coming from me

chapkisinlv {ask} I saw you last nite on Superman! have you done any other acting?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Oh my god -- I was an extra on the original superman movie -- that's how old I am! I'm not planning on doing any acting -- I've never even seen that myself!

hope4kidz {ask} I have five bears signed by Michael Bolton but do not know how to properly auction them to benefit our charity, any suggestions and I will be happy to give you one!~lol~!~

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : The first thing is that you contact my office by e-mail: She will tell you what you can do and it might be possible that we can help you auction the bears. One of the things that we do on occasion is offer to assist a charity if they are willing to give a percentage to us for the costs that are incurred in doing it. We figure out some way to help each other so that both charities benefit.

lucyw {ask} does David do meet and greet for donations to kidcharities?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I don't know if David will be doing any meet and greets for kidscharities. He really wants to try and do them for his fans who are not able to afford some of the high ticket items in the auction: he has also offered to make a donation to the charity -- that might be his way of helping without having to do a meet and greet that would cost someone a lot of money -- he has done it in the past and raised a considerable amount for us. Right now he is trying to assist his fans and do meet and greets for them in more affordable ways to get any info about the tour, you should go to his official web site --

annincassidyland {ask} We know how you have supported David's career through the years. In what ways has he supported you?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : He has allowed me to flourish and supported every thing I have ever wanted to do. He has encouraged me and provided the means for me to do it.

judi {ask} this is not a question, but I have to tell you how amazing All Because of You is

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Thank you very much -- I am very proud of that song. I am glad you like it

nancy t {ask} "How do you select a charity to become included in your organization or do they select you?"

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : We have a board of directors who look at the charities and they have to be a 501C3 and they have to benefit children. And they have to be voted onto the tree by our board and we are presently deciding on a list of very stringent criteria for any new additions.

suke {ask} what is your favorite song you and David have written together?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Lying to Myself

jck1224 : Love that one!

bethlanoue : COOL TUNE!

boeffie : me too

judi : good one

janeincassidyland {ask} What goals have you set for yourself personally and/or professionally in the next 5 years?

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : Personally I have set the goal to be happy and make sure that I am available for my husband and my son and to try and find a balance between the work that is necessary that is to grow this organization -- -- and to be a sound and good wife and mother -- and to know what my limitations are and not beat myself up if things don't always work out the way that I want them too.

shannon : You're very grounded, Sue

bethlanoue : that's true for all us mommies!!!!!

boeffie : yeah!

bethlanoue : clapping

judi : bravo

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I wanted to thank everybody for their interest and their support and for bothering to take an hour out of their lives to come to this chat -- it is very encouraging for me to know that people care and that it is making a difference if I could just ask you all to help me spread the word, that would be great

bethlanoue : DONE!

pj3738 : We will!

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I also want to thank you all for David and I would love to do this again and hopefully next time, I can answer everyone's questions!

tmurton : Best wishes to your organization and family!!!

judi : You are amazing Sue

barrel : tahnks sue you are the kind of person i'd want as a friend

fotcprez : Nice hearing from you!

shannon : Sue, I wish you the best! Good night.

judi : Thanks for everything you've done

naillade1 : Thank You Sue, We wish you and David the best for the new Year

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : I understand that some of you have been in the chat room for several hours and I hope i got to answer some of your questions -- if not, maybe we can make a record of who you are and when we do this again, i can make a point to answer some of your questions.

edbertram : I think I love you!!!!!

boeffie : thanks Sue, and David

Sue_Shifrin-Cassidy : once again -- thanks again -- good-bye!

lynng66 : Keep up the great work Sue! Congrats on the success of your charity!